Childcare Background Check

If you run a service that provides care services for adults or children in the Glen Burnie, MD area, you need to make sure every person who is delivering these services have undergone a complete security check to find out if there is any information that may make them ineligible to perform their duties. At Fingerprint ASAP, we are fully licensed and authorized to provide fingerprinting and background checks that meet licensing and employment requirements. We are centrally located and near the areas that include Randallstown, Towson, the entire Baltimore area, and Glen Burnie, MD. When you need either a childcare background check or an adult care background check, our agency should be the first one you call.

The youngest and oldest members of our society along with those who require constant care in their day to day activities are some of its most vulnerable. As such, their caregivers must not have anything in their background that might indicate that they represent a risk to the people they care for.  The best way to make sure your staff has the qualifications they need to work at your care center, a security check is mandatory. At Fingerprint ASAP, we provide fingerprinting, adult care background check, and a childcare background check that meets all requirements set in place by both the State of Maryland as the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

If you need to do employment background checks, we are the first agency you should consider. Our experience, skills, and licensing are heads and shoulders above other security clearance agencies. We are available Monday through Saturday. During the week, our hours of operation are from 9:00 am until 5:00 pm. On Saturday, we are in the office between 10:00 am and 2:00 pm. Visit us online at for more details. When it comes to ensuring your employees have gone through the proper screening, accept nothing less than the best the area has to offer.